Our Story

Steve Roberts, Owner

Generations isn’t just our name, it is our family tradition. My father was a barber in Louisville for 50 years. Growing up, I would go in for haircuts or just up for a visit. I remember how he cut up with his customers. I remember how they respected him and everyone in the neighborhood knew him.

My dad steered me clear of barbering as I tried to do for my son but eventually I knew it was for me. When I first started, it was just a job, but it soon became something I really enjoyed because of the people I get to meet and over time develop friendships. Not every person who gets in my chair wants to talk, but I enjoy learning about those who do.

Barbering is an art and tradition. Yes, I enjoy giving a good haircut but over the nearly 20 years of my career, I think it’s the tradition that speaks to my soul. I worked at Fern Creek Barber Shop for 10 years before owning it for the next 5 years. Fern Creek is where I learned to appreciate the tradition of an ‘old fashioned’ barber shop. The previous owner taught me how important it was for the customer and the community to know that each time they walked in the door they would receive the same experience.

When I moved to Charlotte, NC, I learned some new aspects of the business. I learned that some customers don’t have the time to wait and appointments are very valuable. I noticed that appointments made it easier for a mother to bring her son because she didn’t have to navigate the waiting room. Selling FCBS was tough but it taught me new things and now I can blend tradition with new ideas but remain focused on the customer’s experience.

So you learned that I am a second generation barber, but it doesn’t stop there. Both of my sons are in the hair business. Tanner is a very successful stylist at Ciao Bella Salon. Travis, has taken up the blade and has developed a love for the craft. He has been working at FCBS since out of school and really learned a great deal. We are both excited about working side by side for the first time. And who knows, maybe I’ll learn a thing or two from him. He has great pride in being a third generation barber and I know my dad would be very proud. Welcome to Generations Barber Shop, our family tradition.